Hi Friends,

This place, this little homemade herb shoppe, is the dream of my heart. It’s the place of wildness and plant magic where I roamed as a child.   All through my life, nature and plant medicine have been there offering their support and healing and have been a source of joy and peace for me to turn to. I always used herbal remedies when sick to treat myself and my family, I grew an herb garden and shared bundles of fresh herbs with my coworkers at a cubical office job, and I drank tea every day to support and nourish my body and emotions.  I kept wondering what I would do as a career...what kind of work I wanted to do in the world. And I kept trying to fit myself into a "real job".  And then one day, my heart felt the stirrings of freedom and remembered the plants living and bringing their beauty and life force. I had dreams of lemon balm while I slept, and I dreamed that I wanted to work with plants to help myself and others with stress and anxiety.  Soon after that dream, I ran into a neighbor while at the grocery store....Ginger Webb, local Austin herb teacher and owner of Texas Medicinals. We had lunch, and she told me about her Herbal Foundations Apprenticeship class. I knew  I wanted to do this, and it was being offered to me at the right moment. In Ginger's class, I learned how to make herb remedies, some physiology, some botany, a lot about identifying and using local medicinal plants. I  felt a returning to my childhood self with her feet in the dirt, admiring plants and sky and spending hours in fields of wildflowers. I remembered that this is what I want to do, this is what lives in my heart and brings me joy.  So I started Lemon Tree Herbs (named after the sweet, prolific Meyer Lemon tree in my backyard) as an expression of this wildness and joy in my heart, the relationship I want to grow with plants, and my desire to share this joy and healing with others.

My practice is to spend time with plants as often as possible. To notice them, sit with them, ask them to teach me, and ask them politely if I can harvest them to use in medicine. Plants help our bodies heal themselves gently. Plants teach us about the magic and beauty of life. They can help lift our spirits, balance our body systems, and deal with stress.

I wildcraft herbs locally in Central Texas whenever possible for my medicines. I also harvest organic herbs from local farms and my own backyard garden. 

My elixirs and tinctures are extracted into alcohol, which preserves the medicine and makes it easily absorbable into your bloodstream. I use organic vodka whenever possible. I also make infused drinking vinegars with herbs, flowers and fruit in organic raw apple cider vinegar, aromatherapy mists for room and body, and herbal tea blends.

Herbalism is a living art. I too am living and learning as I go, and so are you! The best way to use plant medicine is to try it and then tune into how you feel, noticing what is quietly happening in your body and heart. Spend time in nature with plants when you can, and select plant medicine that has been made with love and care from fresh, vibrant plants. That’s where the magic is.

I love to connect with people about plant medicine and talk with you about what is showing up in your life and heart. You can find me at the Austin downtown farmer’s market  on 4th and Guadelupe on Saturdays from 9:00-1:00. We can arrange another pick up location/time if the market doesn't work for you, and you can check out my online store.  

With love,