Matriarch Monday: Chaga Tincture in Coffee

Chaga is a medicinal mushroom and a lovely adaptogen herb with so many health supporting qualities. This time of year, I really appreciate Chaga for its immune boosting properties. Taken over time, Chaga helps to strengthen and support immune health. It is high in antioxidants, is cardio-protective and good for mental focus and energy. Guess what? It also tastes so good in coffee! Coffee helps to carry the herbal medicine where it needs to go in your body. 

I just started a new batch of Chaga mushroom tincture. I use a double extraction process so you get all the goodness: first in a water decoction, and second in an alcohol extraction (brandy). Water extracts the immune supporting constituents, and alcohol extracts the adaptogenic constituents. This double-extracted Chaga tincture will be ready and available on my web shop the first week of October. I will include a bottle in the fall subscription boxes (check out my Herb Club), and it will be available at my farmers' markets in Austin.

So cheers to supporting and building your immune system as we move into Fall, and to enjoying a delicious cup of coffee! Good for the spirits, good for your body too!