Matriarch Monday: Love Yourself

Love Yourself. Fiercely, every day, above all else, nurture self-compassion and love. This is the stable place inside; the only stability in life. And all else--our strength, compassion and love for others, our work, creative action, social justice, our health, sanity--all else comes from this wellspring and stable ground inside. This is our internal wise oak tree, the big ole granite boulder, the cold clear mountain spring. 

Though I truly believe in this that I'm telling you, I SUCK at remembering/believing/practicing it when I need it the most! When times are rough (and boy have they been lately!) I forget about having compassion and softness and understanding for myself. I feel like a big jerk that somehow missed out on the secret of being successful in life! I reason  that things are hard because I'm not good enough. Or I'm not doing it right. Or I'm not working hard enough at the right things. Or I'm just plain defective!!

I know I'm not alone in this negative mental/emotional trickery! I think it's pretty common to bail on oneself in times of stress and hardship. This is why I am devoted to sharing self-care practices through herbal medicine, mindfulness practice, and time in nature. I fully believe that returning to this idea of loving ourselves, practicing self care, and climbing back on the horse again and again, is the work we must do.

So when I arrived to the HOPE Market yesterday to sell my herbal potions and veggies, I saw this beautiful mural on the wall right across the alley from our market! And I feel so grateful for that such a soft but strong, loud but gentle, creative voice. Thank you!!! I've been inspired and will remember today to love myself. It's important. It's what I must do. And I trust that good things will come from cultivating my heart garden.

May you love yourself today and find little ways to delight, to soften, to rest, to create, to really know that you are enough and you are worthy of so much love. 

Love yourself.jpg