Lemon Tree Herb Club

Nourish yourself and delight your senses with seasonal, handmade, high quality, magical, small batch herbal medicines! Build your home apothecary cabinet and deepen your relationship with the benefits and magic of plant medicine for self care and the care of your family and friends.

I warmly invite you to support the  sustainability of Lemon Tree Herbs as my cottage apothecary, my passion, and my community work through membership/patronage in the Lemon Tree Herb Club.

The idea  is Community Supported Herbalism (just like community supported agriculture or CSA): Members pay monthly or quarterly for a seasonal share. This helps the herbalist (me) raise the funds to invest in materials and time, to be financially sustainable, and to continue developing.  I have a funding goal to reach so that Lemon Tree can continue to be my main work, my real job, my focus. Thank you for all the support so many of you have already bestowed on me on this path through purchasing my herbal medicines at farmers' markets, sharing with your friends, kind words and teachings, encouragement, and for gifting of herbs that grow on your land. Thank you for your trust and sharing in my herbal medicine; It is my greatest joy, and I am truly grateful. Because of the support I've received, I have been able to learn, grow, harvest, forage, make, speak and serve with plant medicine for the past 4 years!! Your continued patronage is so vital to my success with this endeavor. I humbly ask for your help in reaching my funding goal. And I will send out a blast when I've reached my goal so that we can all do a Hurrah!!

Patronage Levels

There are several levels at which you can join/support Lemon Tree Herb Club and many different delightful gifts you will receive in return.  You can choose to pay monthly or quarterly.  Please peruse the choices below, and if you choose to support at any level, you can sign up and pay here. Sign-ups and payments must be made the month prior to your first subscription box. I'll be sending out the first subscription boxes the beginning of October. After that, they will be in time for winter solstice, spring equinox, and summer solstice. Each box will be carefully curated and wrapped to bring joy, beauty and plant medicine to the recipient!

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$5 per month/Love Grams and Herb Stories

You will receive in your mailbox a monthly love gram: a hand painted and written love note, mantra, words of encouragement for you or to give to someone you love. You will also receive a featured herb story and recipe to make your own herbal medicine or food with the featured herb.


$15 per month; Local option; Heart-Centered Plant Walks

In addition to the monthly love gram, featured herb story, and herbal medicine/food recipe, this level includes a monthly nature walk (places and meeting times/dates TBA, but many will be at Mckinney Falls State Park in the morning or evening) facilitated by Sarah Ross. This walk will provide the opportunity to listen to yourself, listen to the sounds of nature, spend time with plants, and settle stress down while you open your heart to what is available to you. We will ask for the wisdom and guidance from the plants, and listen for the answers manifest in each of our hearts and lives. We will also connect with each other about plant medicine and what is showing up in our lives.

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 Heart elixir in the making

Heart elixir in the making

$20 per month; Herbal Goodie Subscription Box; Twice Yearly

Patrons at this level will receive a thank you  with the monthly love gram, featured herb story, and recipe of how to make an herbal medicine/food with the herb. And you will receive 2 subscription boxes of 5-7 seasonal herbal treats each. These may include tinctures, elixirs, herbal tea blends, cordials, infused drinking vinegars, bath vinegars, and healing salves. You will receive a box in time for the winter solstice and the second box at the spring equinox. The winter box will include herbal treats to share with friends in your winter celebrations such as a choice of  ginger and cardamom infused brandy or sage-infused vodka. It will also include immune system tonics such as elderberry syrup and fire cider to help keep you warm and healthy through the winter. When you sign up, you will have the opportunity to tailor your herbal subscription box to your needs. Tell me if you don't prefer alcohol based medicines or if you would rather not have vinegars. Likewise, tell me if you mainly want vinegars with just a little of the other things. If your focus is on family health or women's health or herbal cocktail making. I'll help make your gift box special for your needs and happiness. In each box, I will include a description  of the herbs included and how to use them.

$40 per month; Herbal Goodie Subscription Box 4 Times Yearly

With this level of patronage you receive everything with the previous level, plus 2 more seasonal herbal goodie subscription boxes with 6-8 items in each . You will receive a beautiful, festive, box of delicious herbal treats and medicines to celebrate and nourish through each of the 4 seasons. Your first subscription box will come at the next solstice or equinox after you sign up. Please allow a month of notice so I can plan to make enough of all the potions and order enough packaging. So if you want to receive a box for winter solstice, please sign up and order it by November 21, 2018. If you want the very first subscription box this year that will be sent out the first week of October, please sign up by September 15. 

This level of patronage also receives a 10% discount on any additional herbal products purchased from Lemon Tree either at the markets or on the web store.

Please send me an email to lemontreeherbs@gmail.com if you have any questions or issues with signing up. Also, please drop me a line and let me know anything specific that you would like herbal support with--physical, emotional, spiritual or even gifts you'd like to give to a friend--I will be happy to give recommendations and put something together for you!

With all my heart, thank you!!



 Seasonal herbal tea blends with locally harvested herbs; dried and blended by Lemon Tree Herbs

Seasonal herbal tea blends with locally harvested herbs; dried and blended by Lemon Tree Herbs

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