Fall Celebration Herb Box


Fall Celebration Herb Box


Fall is here! Celebrate, nourish, and build immune system with this handmade and curated seasonal herb subscription box. This is a stand alone item, separate from Herb Club seasonal offerings. Price includes postage. If you are local to Austin, you can pick up your box at one of 3 weekly farmer’s markets. Order now and boxes will be delivered by November 1, in time for All Saints Day and All Souls Day.

In the box you will receive medicinal herbal blends made with love by Sarah of Lemon Tree Herbs. These include:

8 oz. Fire Cider: hot and spicy medicinal vinegar that helps circulate blood, warm you up, stimulate immune system, clear sinuses, and reduce the severity and duration of cold and flu symptoms. Take a shot whenever you need a boost or at first sign of cold or flu. This is an ancient remedy, made and used by grandmothers going way back. It really works! Ingredients: Apple Cider Vinegar, horseradish root, ginger root, onions, garlic, fresh turmeric root, black pepper, cayenne pepper, fresh rosemary, tulsi, oregano, lemon thyme, and finished with a little local honey. All ingredients are organic or from my backyard garden.

2 oz Golden Milk Powder: Use this powder to whip up your own fresh paste to keep in the refrigerator and add a spoon to warmed milk or nut milk, and enjoy a cup of cozy, warming, anti-inflammatory, immune modulating golden milk! Ingredients: turmeric, black pepper, ashwagandha, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger. It’s best to add a little date sugar or honey as this is a very earthy, rooty blend! Drinking golden milk each evening will help reduce inflammation, deal with stress, calm for sleep, give good strong energy, improve digestion. Directions for making golden milk from powder are included.

2 oz. Dandelion Chicory Chai: Add a teaspoon of this powder to water and simmer for a delicious, warming tea that has many medicinal benefits. Dandelion is excellent for the liver and for immune system, chicory is pre-biotic and helps balance blood sugar, and all the warming spices of chai help with digestion, energy, anti cancer, and are delicious! Add a bag of your favorite black tea or rooibos at the end of brewing if you like. Milk and honey are also delicious in this chai. Ingredients: Dandelion root, chicory, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, clove. All organic ingredients.

1 oz. Chaga Tincture: Chaga is an amazing adaptogen herb and medicinal mushroom. This tincture was made using a double-extraction process—first decocted in water and then tinctured in brandy. This double-extraction process brings out the most helpful constituents for immune system support and also adaptogenic benefits. Add a shot to your morning coffee or tea. Daily use helps build strong immune system. It is super high in anti-oxidants, cardio protective, anti-cancer benefits, and helpful with mental focus and stable energy.

1 oz. Lemon Balm Rose Heart Elixir: Seasonal heart elixir made with fresh lemon balm and pink roses from my garden, extracted in brandy with a little local honey added at the finish. It is beautiful, lifts the spirits, and speaks to the heart. Also lemon balm has antiviral qualities so it is good to have around through fall and winter. Lemon balm and rose are both wonderful herbs for children as well as adults. Take this elixir whenever you need soothing, uplifting support for your nervous system, for your mood, or if you have a cough/cold/flu.

3 oz. Remember Mist, Rosemary: A light and uplifting aromatherapy mist for room, linens, face, body, spirit. Mist whenever you need an uplift, a refresh, or during a meditation or quiet time. Rosemary is the herb of remembrance—for those we love and for our true self that goes so far back and deep that we may not remember. It’s a good mist to have around when the veils are getting thin.

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